Michael Jackson Story

Liam entertained Michael Jackson his three children on their Irish Stay…

Personally requested by Michael Jackson to come and entertain him on his Irish stay

Liam has the unique experience to have been personally requested by Michael Jackson himself to come and perform his magic for him and his family during their stay in Blackwater castle in Castletownroche Co Cork. During this time Liam built a relationship with Michael and as magic was a fasination and a  huge part of Michael’s life It is no wonder they got on.

“The Cork based magician and mentalist spent weeks living in historic Blackwatercastle in Castletownroche with Michael Jackson and his three children. Prince Michael, Prince Michael II and Paris enjoying their company as a invited guest and building unique friendship with the family. “


I just love your magic and the way you perform it…

Michael Jackson

King of POP

Liam made it a magical time in Cork for Michael Jackson &his three children

Heart scratching tricks to entertain King of Pop and his kids Prince Michael, Prince Michael II and Paris…